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Defeat your Fears and Phobias

If you have a recurrent fear, anxiety or a phobia it may, at first, be difficult to believe that there might be a way of overcoming it.
It's likely that the level of anxiety you experience, at the very thought of facing what you fear, makes the anxiety seem more powerful than you are.
Some of the most common things that make people anxious are: heights; flying; speaking in front of an audience; the dark; spiders; snakes; rejection; confined spaces; failure; judgement; panic... There are many more.
Almost inevitably, because you do everything you can to avoid the feared situation, it is the thought of it, rather than the actual situation itself, that triggers the anxiety.
Thankfully, although they may not know it, people can influence the way their thought processes work.

The experience of others has shown that it is possible to change behaviour even as extreme as a phobia - it's possible to move from feeling 'terror' to feeling indifferent or neutral.

My job as a brief therapist is to guide you gently though processes that can help disconnect the fear or anxiety reaction from the thoughts that have triggered them in the past. Frequently, this happens in a way that clients find surprisingly easy and rapid.

Help yourself... Fast Phobia Cure

First select the unpleasant memory, phobia, or traumatic experience you want to neutralize.
  1. Imagine you are in a cinema. See yourself on a small screen in a black-and-white film, doing something that you feel neutral about.
  2. Float out behind yourself and watch yourself watching yourself on the cinema screen. So you are looking at yourself and that self is watching a film of you on the screen! You've got a remote control, so you can start and stop, speed-up and rewind the film - and more.
  3. Staying in this position, now watch yourself watching a film, in black and white, on that small screen, of yourself going through the unpleasant experience you've decided to "neutralize."
  4. After you finish watching yourself in this film, when things are again OK, stop the film so it's a still picture. Then step into the still picture, turn it into color, and run the film backwards, very rapidly. It will be like seeing a film backwards, with you inside it, as if time had reversed direction.
  5. Now test: think of the event or memory, and notice if you can think of it more comfortably. If so, the cure is complete. If not, you can go through the process another time, or get assistance from someone, like me, who is trained in these methods.