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Stephanie - Anxiety

posted 24 Feb 2012, 11:36 by Ches Chesney   [ updated 24 Feb 2012, 11:37 ]

I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Ches to help me deal with anxiety and mild panic attacks arising from the end of a very difficult relationship.

I had not been hypnotised before and was a little sceptical about how it would work.  But Ches's voice and tone soon put me into a state of deep relaxation and I didn't find it difficult to allow his voice to guide me through the techniques. 

I found the techniques that Ches used extremely helpful in coping with the anxiety and stress that were triggered by certain situations.  I was able to call on these techniques outside of the sessions to help me to deal with the anxiety when it arose. 

I am very grateful to Ches for understanding the causes of my anxiety and for helping me to regain control of it.