Stephanie - Anxiety

posted 24 Feb 2012, 11:36 by Ches Chesney   [ updated 24 Feb 2012, 11:37 ]

I had 3 sessions of hypnotherapy with Ches to help me deal with anxiety and mild panic attacks arising from the end of a very difficult relationship.

I had not been hypnotised before and was a little sceptical about how it would work.  But Ches's voice and tone soon put me into a state of deep relaxation and I didn't find it difficult to allow his voice to guide me through the techniques. 

I found the techniques that Ches used extremely helpful in coping with the anxiety and stress that were triggered by certain situations.  I was able to call on these techniques outside of the sessions to help me to deal with the anxiety when it arose. 

I am very grateful to Ches for understanding the causes of my anxiety and for helping me to regain control of it. 

Phil - Stress Relief

posted 3 Jan 2012, 13:40 by Ches Chesney   [ updated 24 Feb 2012, 11:38 ]

I have had a number of hypnotherapy sessions with Ches and have found his approach to be professional, sensitive, insightful and helpful. One issue was about a couple of housemates creating clutter and leaving a mess wherever they went, this is no longer having the impact it once had, which is a relief as my stress levels have reduced and the negative internal chatter about these people has diminished significantly, and I am happier for it. I have recommended him to my boss.

Joy - Weight Management

posted 24 Dec 2011, 04:19 by Ches Chesney   [ updated 7 Jan 2013, 09:07 ]

Needing to lose weight for health reasons (incipient arthritis in one knee) but failing miserably due to comfort eating, compulsive eating and occasional binge eating, I realised that I needed help to solve my problem.  I decided to try hypnotherapy and arranged a consultation with Ches at the end of July.
I turned to food (especially the “wrong” sort) in times of stress and anxiety and my diet was restricted by my inability to keep certain foods in the house because I “had” to eat them whether I needed them or even really enjoyed them.  What I saw as a lack of self control was undermining my sense of self esteem and I was in danger of sinking into a depression.   

I found that Ches had a very sensitive understanding of my problems and that talking with him clarified things in my  mind and made me understand my  attitudes to food.  Ches taught me relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques which he advised me to practise at home to reinforce what had been done during the session.  
I left this first session feeling very positive and strong-willed and found at once that I had the will-power and self control to adhere strictly to the sensible, healthy eating regime on which I knew I would lose weight.  I was able to have in the house and resist them certain foods which had been a major problem to me before.  I started to lose weight immediately.
Although I sensed that a radical change had come about in my attitude to food after this first session, I decided that I would like to continue to see Ches at monthly intervals until I attained my target weight.  Ches himself made no suggestion of repeated appointments.

Now, just before Christmas, I am only a few pounds away from my goal, having lost weight steadily and sensibly since the end of July.  I feel that my attitude to food has altered – I know that to eat well and maintain a healthy weight I do not need to deprive myself of anything that is important to me.  I know that by reverting to my old eating habits I would simply be adding to any problems I might have and destroying my self-respect.  I have a very nice sense of achievement and satisfaction in that I feel I am in control of myself.  I think that my approach to my eating regime is very sensible and level-headed – I am in no way obsessive or fanatical and am prepared to allow myself “treats” occasionally if I really want them (and not simply because they are there or are offered).  What has changed is that I often decide that I just do not want them!

The results of my decision to consult Ches have been almost miraculous – and mysterious.  I do not really understand how talking with Ches and practising the self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques  he has taught me have brought about such changes in my attitudes to food, but I have been amazed and delighted at the way things have worked out.  

I would have no hesitation in advising anyone with problems similar to my own to seek Ches’s help and advice.


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