Learn Self-Hypnosis

For most people, one of the most effective ways of learning a new skill or developing a new behaviour is to be guided by a good teacher. This is particularly true for hypnosis.
The aim of therapeutic hypnosis is to help a person to benefit from the wealth of their experience, inner wisdom and creativity in the attainment of their goals. This is achieved by creating a context in which the person can learn to trust, integrate and develop their inner intelligence, even though much of it is beyond their conscous awareness.
Frequently, it may be our conscious thinking that presents the greatest obstacles to freeing ourselves from our limitations. In the same way, our conscious desire to succeed at self-hypnosis may actually impede our progress. For these reasons, many people find it easier to develop their ability to go into a hypnotic trance when they are skilfully guided by someone else. This makes it possible for them more easily to let go of their need to monitor and control their progress. It also allows them to become more fully absorbed in the experience.