About Me

I studied hypnotherapy with the internationally renowned hypnotherapist and teacher, Stephen Brooks of British Hypnosis Research, graduating in August 2010 with a distinction from his course entitled Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Indirect Hypnosis, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and NLP.
From Stephen Brooks, I also learned to the use of the rapid therapeutic technique that he developed known as Non-Attachment Therapy (NAT).
Since then I have also trained with Andrew T. Austin in approaches to facilitating weight loss and studied his model of brief therapy for rapid change, Integral Eye-Movement Technique (IEMT).
My interest in hypnotherapy and NLP was first ignited in 1981 when a friend lent me a book that introduced me to the work of a remarkable man called Milton H. Erickson and also to that of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-inventors of Neuro-Linguistic Progamming (NLP).
At that time I was living in northern Italy, making my living by teaching English. I had been interested, since my university days, in how people can learn to overcome their limitations; and what I read about how Erickson used language to evoke therapeutic change in people inspired me to delve deeper. I began to seek out and study anything I could find that might shed more light on the life, approaches and thinking of this great hypnotherapist and pioneer.
Erickson had been a prolific innovator and researcher into every aspect of hypnotherapy and four volumes containing his collected papers had recently been published. So, fortunately, I was able to satisfy my appetite to know more.
I moved back to England in 1995 and in the following year engaged in 120 hours of training with John Seymour Associates in Bristol, to become a certified NLP Practitioner.
Since before my return to the UK, I had been working as a software developer and this continued until late in 2009 when a change of management at my primary client company led to the end of a sixteen year business relationship.
This signalled the end of an era and the start of a new one... I decided to make what had been a twenty-eight year interest and passion into my new career. I sought out the most highly respected teacher of Ericksonian hypnotherapy I could find in the UK and enrolled in his year-long course. The result is that I am now living my dream - and helping others move closer to living theirs!